Big brother, little sister


At the end of last year Teddy’s little half sister Tilly came to live with us. Although tiny at the time, her heart is enormous and she instantly adored big brother Teddy. The feeling was not mutual. Teddy went from carefree to careful in three days as she would constantly pounce on him to get him to play. He stared us down and seemed to say: “We have seen her now, please can she go back home !” Since then, little girl Friday has calmed down a bit and managed to change Teddy’s mind. He is now enjoying her company and even sharing his bed with her at times. Both dogs love having a good play in the sunny garden and know nothing better than being made a fuss of by¬†our guests.



Happy Christmas from The Old Rectory Wiltshire


We are getting ready for Christmas here at The Old Rectory Wiltshire. Outside is wet and windy so a roaring fire is lit in the Christmas decorated sitting room. We are preparing for a traditional Danish Christmas Eve with roast duck stuffed with prunes and apples, fluffy rice pudding and Christmas carols around the tree lit with live candles.
We have had a glorious year with people here from all over the world visiting and we have shared in all sorts of lovely occasions such as a proposal, a 50th wedding anniversary (and other anniversaries), a honeymoon, birthdays, friend and family get-togethers. A lot of you have brought your well behaved dogs, much to the delight of Teddy, our gorgeous Border Terrier and recently his little sister Tilly, who is the latest addition to our family. And a lot of you have been back already, some of you more than once!
We have been in glossy magazine ‘The English Home’ and have – because of your wonderful and much appreciated reviews – made it to best of 462B&Bs in Wiltshire on Tripadvisor, a place we have kept for the last four months.
We thank you for choosing to stay with us, we have loved having you all and look forward to hopefully seeing you again.
We will raise a glass to you on Christmas Eve and wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.
Very warmest of wishes from Helle, David, William – and Teddy and Tilly!

A letter from Alice to Teddy

“As dictated to granny Hildegard (you know: the old woman who was sleeping so long in the morning and was always too late at the breakfast table).

Dear Teddy,

I miss you so much and I miss your large, wonderful park. My garden in Essen is much smaller. I miss the delicious smell of bacon and eggs which crept into my nose every morning and a little bit of it is still there.

And last not least I miss your whole family, who had an eye upon me when my family went to Bath and other interesting places.

I hope very much to see you again.

Wau, wau, wau (German dog-language).”Image

Love is in the air….

Romance is blossoming and love is certainly in the air at The Old Rectory Wiltshire. We have had the first proposal and send our newly engaged couple of guests all our best wishes for a great future together. A lot of young couples – many of the from London – find the house the perfect place for a romantic weekend or short break. So watch this space, there might be more romantic news along the way…IMG_8975